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Have you ever been convicted of a crime or violation other than a minor traffic infraction?

How did you hear about this career opportunity with Wendell Foster's Campus?

Due to government regulations any felony conviction will be a bar to employment. A conviction will not necessarily be a bar to employment if convictions are not felonies. Factors such as job relations, age at time of offense, seriousness of violation and rehabilitation will be taken into account.

The above information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. Should I be employed at Wendell Foster's Campus, any misrepresentation of false statement contained herein may be considered cause of possible dismissal. Wendell Foster's Campus has my permission to obtain all necessary information from the references I have listed, or any other sources, concerning my prior employment, personal history or credit standing and I release all parties from any possible damages resulting from disclosing such information with or without prior written notice to me. I reserve the right to know the names and addresses of any investigative agencies used in order that I may learn the information contained in ay reports furnished to Wendell Foster's Campus.

I understand this application does not constitute an employment contract of any kind. I also understand that Wendell Foster's Campus is an "at will" employer and if employed I may resign such employment at any time at my discretion with or without prior notice and that Wendell Foster's Campus may terminate my employment at any time at their discretion, with or without cause and without prior notice. I FURTHER UNDERSTAND THAT FOR THIS TYPE OF EMPLOYMENT, STATE LAW REQUIRES A CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK AS A CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT.

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